Sezer Şener Komsuoğlu

Professor Sezer Şener Komsuoğlu is a medical doctor, Neurology and Neurophysiology Specialist.

She completed her education in Atatürk, Ankara and Hacettepe Universities. She studied at Birmingham University and Aston University in England for 3.5 years on Neurophysiology.

She worked in Karadeniz Technical University and Kocaeli University in Turkey. Professor Komsuoğlu carried out Rectorate of Kocaeli University for 8 years, between the years of 2006-2014. Currently, she is the Advisor to the President of Council of Higher Education (CHE) and director of Women’s Studies in the Academy Unit of CHE.

Professor Komsuoglu have more than 250 scientific publications in the field of Neurological Sciences at national and international level.

She is the author of first EEG atlases in Turkey. She also have 6 books relevant to her field of study. Ayrıca kendi alanında 6 adet kitap çalışması vardır. At the same time, she conducts social studies about women, women in academy and women’s leadership.

Professor Komsuoğlu is one of the selected 19 member of Research and Innovation Committe of EUA (European University Association)

She is one of the three female scientists selected from Turkey in the book titled Woman Scientist published by Oxford University.

Dr. Sezer Şener Komsuoğlu is Professor Baki Komsuoğlu’s wife and is the mother of Professor Ayşegül K. Çıtıpıtıoğlu and Associate Professor Feride İpek K. Çelikyurt.